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Wire Break Locaters    
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:06 am    Post subject: Wire Break Locaters Reply with quote

I would like to know how the wire break locaters that electric companies and telephone companies use that can find a broken wire underground where there may be more than one wire in a bundle running parallel work. I have seen them find breaks by hooking the transmitter to one end of a wire and the other device will emit a sound louder or not to where the wire is. These machines are expensive, but I was wondering if one wanted to build something like this with cheaper grade parts where one would use an am or fm radio to pickup a signal that is generated by oscillator, signal injector or even wrapping copper wire around a crt monitor would work? Keeping in mind what signal you inject in multiple wires running parallel must end where the break is and not carry along on the wire that is not broken as I do not know if this would have to be high frequency or low? I do not need one that would have to work deep underground just surface wiring like in house wiring for ac wires would be fine. Keeping in mind that anything built using an oscillator is my least knowledgeable subject.


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